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Abbas Hilmi Pasha, the governor of Egypt, the last hıdiv, wanted to have a pavilion built in Dalaman at the beginning of the 20th century, and a station building in Alexandria and his projects were prepared for the French. Dalaman was the first and only station building in the world without a railway connection.

The railways came to the Ottoman Empire very soon after the invention, and railway lines were installed in many places of the empire. The stations that decorate these lines are still being used in many places today. The most interesting of the stations was a building that was built by mistake in Dalaman. Transfer

When Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Pasha dominated Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century, the population of the Ottoman Empire gradually diminished. Kavalalı, who was not content with Egypt, set his sights on Syria and the Egyptian army soon became dominant in Syria. Later, Mehmed Pasha’s son Ibrahim Pasha defeated the Ottoman armies and progressed to Kütahya. If the great states of Europe and Russia did not intervene, the Egyptian army would probably endure at the gates of Istanbul.

Selim the third, in the late 18th century to his mother Mihrişah Kadın’a a very large farm in Dalaman, today’s Tepearası, Dalyan, Ortaca, Akıncı, Güzelyurt and Dalaman was an endless land covering the entire Ottoman Empire. Thanks to the treaty with the father to the son who passed through Kavalali, this farm was over time and the farm after the death of Mehmet Ali Pasha ‘s family remained the property of the family. te ”Nimetullah yat with a yacht named Dalaman 12 kilometers away from the town of Sarsala Bay went to Dalaman today. hunting enthusiast v liked the region very much.Ozgur Transfer

Hıdiv built a pier and warehouse on the bay of Sarsala and built a road extending from the bay to the farm.

Abbas Hilmi Pasha, as a second stage of the farm is located in Dalaman and a train station in Alexandria at the same time was planned to build the building. The French architects were transferred to the construction of the building. However, there was a confusion on the way and the ship which had to go to Egypt discharged its cargo to the pier at Sarsala Bay.

The workers of Khedive in Dalaman took the place of Abbas Hilmi’s pavilion, loading the materials into camels and mules without realizing the confusion. not planned hunting lodge in Dalaman, where there was confusion, but the station building was built.

The shortcomings were also completed in a short time and palm trees were planted with palm trees brought from Egypt around the building in Dalaman.

When a loan from Türksanayi Bank was not paid to the farm which was owned by Hıdiv Abbas Hilmi Pasha until 1928, it was confiscated by the state. on the way, 10 kilometers away from the Dalaman River State Production Farm could not meet the train, but the region had a great contribution to the development of agriculture.

Abbas Hilmi Pasha If, after doing 30 years hıdivilik 1914 Türkiyeyanlı in establishing the uzaklaştırıldı.paş the administration of Egypt by the British grounds, the rest of his life was often spent in Europe and on December 20th, 1944 Geneva on the death etdi.özg Transfer

We will meet you from Dalaman Airport, take you to the train station which does not come from the famous train and introduce Dalaman.Özgür Transfer

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