Dalaman Airport Izmir Transfer

Dalaman Izmir Transfer

Even though Izmir is an airport of its own, from time to time due to the intensity of flights in the Aegean Region, can be directed to the surrounding ports. If you need to transfer from Dalaman to Izmir for any reason, Ozgur Transfer is at your service with all your transportation needs. Thanks to our VIP Transfer Services, we are working to provide you with the comfort of air travel even over long distances. To this end, we equipped our state-of-the-art vehicles with superior safety standards and left them under the control of our experience personnel. Within the scope of our services, we have fulfilled all the legal obligations in the scope of our services with the a1 d2 passenger transport certificate approved by the Ministry of Transport.
Dalaman Airport is the largest square in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Transportation from here is the most efficient way to transfer. Our company provides Dalaman Transfer service with Seat Insured Vehicles within the scope of VIP transfer services. Our company provides service with a1 d2 passenger transport certificate approved by the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the law. While our vehicles provide comfortable transportation standards, the most important advantage of our vehicles is that we can offer reasonable prices.
Travel insurance is provided for every passenger traveling in our vehicles and our fleet is optimized in accordance with the provisions of the ministry within the scope of road safety regulations. Our company achieves guaranteed service and safe travel standards with Mercedes and Ford brand latest model vehicles. In our fleet, Cars, Minibuses, Midibuses type vehicles are available. According to the vip transfer system we offer, there is a special service application with special vehicles. In other words, the vehicles we will use for your Dalaman Airport based transfers will be special to you and there will be no other passengers. In addition to all the positive features, my prices are unexpectedly affordable. You will be able to see our claim on airport transfer prices right at the time of booking. The service we provide is the airport transfer system directly and in addition to the Transfer Locations we have specified, a Private location can be provided. Transfer prices for special destinations can, of course, be different. Within the scope of Dalaman İzmir Transfer services, we serve with absolute satisfaction principles. Our company provides guaranteed transportation. When landing at the airport, you won’t be able to encounter bad surprises. Ozgur Transfer, which has been operating in the sector since 2009, will take you to the point you want to go by taking all possible possibilities into time.


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